The Tri-Village Buzz

The Tri-Village Buzz is written and published (almost) every month by volunteers. It serves the communities of Skookumchuck, Ta Ta Creek and Wasa Lake, British Columbia. Contact the editor at for information on rates and submissions.

Wendy Davis, long-time and diligent editor of the Buzz has produced her final issue, the December 2018 edition. The Tri-Village community is grateful for her service and the many fun reads she produced.

Please welcome our new editor, Lori Vandette, who debuted her first edition with the February 2019 Tri-Village Buzz.

Tokyo Skytree The December 2018 issue of the Buzz reached new heights near the top of the world's tallest tower, the Tokyo Skytree. An outline of the tower and it's spire reaching to 2080 feet can be seen in its shadow.

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January 2019 was spent quietly sitting by the fire contemplating the upcoming year. A shortage of photo-copier antifreeze prevented publication of the January Buzz.

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December 2018 Issue
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August 2018 Issue
Beautiful July with no Buzz to read or mosquito buzz to swat. It should be July at Wasa Lake forever!
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January 2018 was warmer than January 2017, but still much too cold to publish the Buzz. Drinking hot chocolate by the fire and watching Netflix won out.


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This year there was no July issue; The Buzz was resumed in August. Spectacular sunny July days!
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It was way too cold in January 2017, so we kept up our long-established tradition of not publishing the Buzz.


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The Buzz is not published in August. Time's better spent enjoying summertime life at Wasa Lake: Unlimited sunshine and no Mosquitoes!
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February 2016 Issue
The Buzz is not published in January or August


December 2015 Issue
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Another awesome and hot summer at Wasa Lake. No mosquito buzz or August Tri-Village Buzz but lots of sunshine!
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February 2015 Issue
The Buzz is not published in January or August


December 2014 Issue
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The summer of 2014 was absolutely spectacular - a seemingly endless number of hot and sunny days at Wasa Lake with zero mosquitoes! The Buzz is not published in August.
July 2014 Issue
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February 2014 Issue
The Buzz is not published in January


December 2013 Issue
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September 2013 Issue
The August 2013 weather was even nicer than 2012. Lots of sunshine and few mosquitos - Albertans fled to Wasa Lake for relief from their local ugly mosquito year; as normal no August Tri-Village Buzz.
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The Buzz is not published in January


December 2012 Issue
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September 2012 Issue
The August 2012 weather was spectacular. Lots of dragonflies so no mosquito buzz; as normal no August Tri-Village Buzz.
July 2012 Issue
June 2012 Issue
May 2012 Issue
April 2012 Issue
March 2012 Issue
February 2012 Issue
The Buzz is not published in January


December 2011 Issue
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September 2011 Issue
August is for summer fun. There is no August Issue
July 2011 Issue
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February 2011 Issue
January is for drinking hot rum and staying warm. There is no January issue.